Fierce Freedom
An Unbridled Evening Celebration in Honor of International Self Love Day!
 Join a powerful group of soul-FULL Beloveds on International Self-Love Day in NYC to reclaim your fierce devotion to your highest version of yourself and your dreams. Lainie Love Dalby “Sparkle Shamelessly® ,” Jen Mazer “The Queen of Manifestation,” and Whitney Freya “Life is the canvas of your SOUL,” join forces to create a multi-dimensional, ritualistic ceremony of rebirth, love, and personal compassion. In alignment with Christine Arylo’s Self Love Day, this is a “constellation” of energies, a sacred container, within which you will surrender to new levels of self love, self expression and personal power. Through sound journeys, ceremony, embodied movement, guided meditation, painting, intention and magic, you will emerge transformed.

Space if VERY limited and tickets are only $33, so reserve your space early. You have felt the energy around you shifting. You know you are being called into MORE of your wild, authentic, +FREE self.

Join us as we rise above to embrace our individual and collective dreams.

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018
6:30pm to 9:30pm
WHERE: La Nacional - 239 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011
Sacred Sisterhood
Be deeply nourished and fed by the sweetness and solidarity of intimate time with your sisters. Connect on a deep level and be seen and witnessed in your fullness.
Qoya Movement
Come access the body as a site of healing, as well as a portal to your power and heart's deepest longings. Qoya is an embodied movement practice based on the idea that through movement we remember (we are Wise, Wild & Free).
Expressive Arts
Engage in a **next level** painting process with Whitney Freya creating your own wings from which to SOAR and find the freedom you desire. ***Wear clothes that you can paint in and move comfortably in as well!
Ritual & Ceremony
Engage all of your senses with copious ritual and ceremony led by Lainie Love Dalby that will help you to shed what is no longer serving you, especially the shame and self-bullying.
Personal Intention

Receive time & space to go within and commune with your most loving self, the dreams you most want to manifest, and the will to direct your creative energy consistently towards your highest personal expression. Re-connect to your own FIERCE FREEDOM.

Sacred Play

Delight in Jen Mazer's game SPARKED to connect deeper with your sisters and dive into our evening. Finally, a game that celebrates and uplifts women. From soulful conversations to juicy surprises, you never know what will be sparked!

Root in your body and your power so you can RISE ABOVE to Fierce Freedom.

Join an intimate group of Beloveds to heal through and release anything keeping you from a deeply connected state of self love. Together we will then connect, serve, love and expand whatever you are wanting to birth into the world. From our love + passion of what is possible, we will co-create & manifest for the greater good.

Feel the energy of our Beloveds from around the globe as we all gather in-person on International Self-Love Day, connecting into a web of women re-membering, healing, loving & finding fierce freedom together!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you in New York.

Come Rise, Beloved, Rise!

Your Guides
Lainie Love Dalby
Sacred Artist, Embodied Leadership Mentor & Transformational Catalyst

Lainie Love Dalby is a Sacred Artist, Embodied Leadership Mentor & Transformational Catalyst on a mission to free human spirits that have been oppressed and devalued to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® & step into their authentic power. As a spiritual thought leader with her own brand of multimedia ministry, she is dismantling old systems, ideas and ways of being that promote separateness and limit our full (r)evolutionary potential with style, sass and the sacred. She is also deeply passionate about ending the violence we perpetrate against each other and our own bodies by reminding us of our inherent Divinity within and helping to bring the sacred Feminine back into balance in our own lives and the world. Like a modern day medicine woman, her ultimate goal is to help us feel more comfortable in our own skin and re-member who we truly are as well as why we’re here at this most powerful time in human history. To this end, she gathers women in sacred circles to facilitate deep healing, sacred play, soul growth and alchemical transformation through her signature immersion experiences, Sovereign Sisters Rising 7 month Initiation into the Fierce Feminine & other sisterhood initiatives so we can RISE & SHINE together. As global ritualist Barbara Biziou has said, "Like a great sculpture, Lainie Love can see what lives inside of you and frees it to live fully." Start the journey today with her free 13 day #SOULSPARKLE Starter Kit at

Whitney Freya
Artist & Creative Coach
Whitney Freya opened her first art center in 1996 with ZERO art training. Since then, she has traveled globally as a creative muse, guiding her audience into their personal "infinite field of possibility." Her own journey has just manifested in her P2 status as a paraglider pilot, having flow her own “wing” over 80 times in the past year! To achieve fierce freedom for herself and her clients,  she is devoted to using art making as a spiritual practice and expressive living. She uses art as an energy work medium of the imagination and as a way to connect to the subconscious and Source energy, allowing for new healing insights, creative confidence, courage and personal growth. She is considered a muse for guidance in ways to tap into creativity for your fullest self expresson and as a pure language of our souls. She has published three books on personal creativity, including her latest book, Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brushstroke at a Time, (available on Amazon) and founded her Creatively Fit Coaching Certification Program. She has facilitated her process at The Esalen Institute, Burning Man, The Agape Spiritual Center, and creativity conferences in South Africa, Dubai, Canada and the U.S. She lives in the “wild west” of NE Oregon with her three teenagers.
Jen Mazer
Queen of Manifestation

Jen Mazer is the Queen of Manifestation. She’s always been able to dream up outrageous adventures and actually live them out—from rubbing elbows at a small private cocktail party hosted by Martin Scorsese, to living rent-free in the East Village of Manhattan for 10 years, to paying off over $38,000 of debt in less than a year, having her artwork published in the New York Times, traveling the world, meeting the man of her dreams (a successful rock star), giving birth at home to a beautiful daughter, and starting a green school in Africa. Jen is a sought-after transformational speaker and coach. She teaches people how to manifest their biggest dreams while making an impact on the world. She is known for her signature Manifestation Masters Program and Private Success Coaching. She's the author of Manifesting Made Easy and Co-Founder of the board game Sparked. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Real Simple, and ABC. She has interviewed some of the world’s biggest thought leaders through her Manifesting interview series. Learn more at

Be Wise, Wild & FREE
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